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Time Timer 'Wash' - Touchless Handwashing 30 Second Timer

Time Timer 'Wash' - Touchless Handwashing 30 Second Timer

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The Time Timer WASH, a visual hand washing timer, is designed to make hand hygiene an exciting and interactive task for kids (and kids-at-heart!). This engaging timer makes handwahing fun and easy, helping preschoolers and young learners develop healthy habits in a playful way. It a perfect companion for kiddos on their potty training adventures!

With the Time Timer WASH, your child will embark on an exciting journey every time they wash their hands. Simply hold a hand in front of the timer (no touching required!), and watch as the 30 second timer begins to visually countdown with a bright blue disk. Whether at home or school, the Time Timer WASH guides children to scrub their hands for the 20 second recommended duration, ensuring they keep those pesky germs away. 

We understand that children can sometimes rush through handwashing, missing critical spots. Our timer eliminates that concern by encouraging them to wash hands for the 20-second recommended duration. It guides them through each step:

  1. Get Soap (5 seconds)
  2. Scrub (20 seconds)
  3. Rinse (5 seconds)

This ensures they clean thoroughly and effectively. 

Watch your child's independence and confidence blossom as they take charge of their handwashing routine. The Time Timer WASH is a gentle reminder that fits perfectly into their busy days of learning and growing.