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Learn & Grow Toys: Magnetic Tiles: Car Expansion Pack (28 Piece)

Learn & Grow Toys: Magnetic Tiles: Car Expansion Pack (28 Piece)

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Vroom!! Get ready to race with our new and exclusively designed car pack.

This set includes a brand NEW exclusively designed hood piece that was developed by Learn & Grow Toys.

The Hood piece features 4 strong fixing magnets. This is the first time these magnets have ever been used in a magnetic tile. This will allow for a sturdier car design to push around the floor. 

The L shaped piece is another newly designed tile to work with our hood piece. The L shape has 6 magnets strategically placed to work seamlessly with our Hood.

Our cars have a signature line of magnets through the centre of the base to increase structure strength. 

All the car bases in our range have rubber wheels.

With new stronger food grade ABS plastic and an internal logo to create a flat and more scratch resistant tile. 

Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles have been designed to encourage imagination and inspire open-ended play.

Sets can be added to expand play opportunities and are compatible with all major magnetic tile brands.

The 28 piece set includes:

  • 2 Car Bases with rubber wheels
  • 2 Hood Pieces
  • 4 "L" shapes
  • 8 squares
  • 2 right-angled triangles 
  • 8 half squares
  • 2 hollow squares