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Innovative Resources Paper Works Tools

Innovative Resources Paper Works Tools

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Simple really is best!

Here is a versatile set of 12 visual metaphors, each with three questions on the back. These versatile paper tools can open doors to conversations and reflection—super fast! Each master features a delightful line illustration that is easily recognised and interpreted by adults, young people and children alike.

The 12 images are: light globe, water tank, brick, bottle, torch, elephant, book, footprint, boot, taxi, sparkling moments and welcome mat.


What’s your message in a bottle?

What great idea do you have?

What’s your next step?

Is there an elephant in the room?

Photocopy both sides of these masters as many times as you like and use these practical paper tools in counselling, training, self-care, goal setting, storytelling, classrooms, team building, supervision, creative writing … anywhere you want to create meaningful conversations.

Clients, students, colleagues, families, and teams can write on their paper sheets, doodle on them, paint and colour them. And because they can take these sheets away with them, these practical paper tools can work as powerful reminders of the session, particularly the client’s own thoughts, goals, strengths and feelings. They can post them on noticeboards, pin them to a wall, stick them on the fridge, or place them on their desk.