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Elegy for an Elephant by Ryan Abramowitz

Elegy for an Elephant by Ryan Abramowitz

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Those who leave, live on through our living...

Elegy for an Elephant is a story of three children seeking their father’s soul. It honours ways we can connect with loved ones we have lost, and the timeless nature of love.

This book is offered as a beacon of hope and therapeutic resource for readers navigating grief, and for the families and communities supporting them.

Elegy for an Elephant chronicles the journey of Ryan and his sisters to find acceptance in, and repair from the loss of their father to suicide. Inspired by his family's story, it is Ryan’s wish that all those who read this book will feel seen, supported and carried in their healing journey.

AGES: 7 plus

Ryan Abramowitz is a Melbourne-based artist, writer and storyteller who draws inspiration from the natural world. Ryan seeks to create artistic expressions that resonate with, and inspire audiences.