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Archi Steampunk Construction Box Set: On Sale was $54.95

Archi Steampunk Construction Box Set: On Sale was $54.95

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From award-winning author/creator Dominque Ehrhard comes the next construction and building set featuring steampunk-inspired models perfectly packaged in a box kit with 10 cardboard sheets and an instruction booklet.

The great steampunk construction set and building game! The complete box kit guides you through building an infinite number of strange mechanics, composed of motley objects strewn with nuts, bolts, pistons, and more, all inspired by the fantastic science fiction universe of Jules Verne! Use the precut cardboard designs to make an infinite variety of steampunk-inspired inventions.

Kit contains:
• 10 cardboard sheets complete with more than 75 pieces to detach and assemble
• 16 original models included in the guidebook, with instruction and diagrams
• No scissors or glue required!

The possibilities are limitless for the many structures and cog machines to create by using your imagination. Machinery and steampunk combine for a truly unique construction and building experience! Perfect for developing dexterity, reasoning abilities, and spatial visualisation skills in young builders, inventors, mechanical engineers, and artists, and a key set to have on hand for all STEM curriculums.

Instructions: Carefully detach all the pieces from the 10 cardboard inserts inside the box. To begin building the models presented in the guidebook, gather the number of pieces needed for the model of your choice and organise them by size. Then assemble the pieces step by step, following the diagram shown on the page.

AGES: 7 to 10

Dominique Ehrhard is passionate about paper, pop-ups, and architecture.