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My Feelings Matter by Sara Stace

My Feelings Matter by Sara Stace

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We are helping Sara Stace republish her beautiful book, 'My Feelings Matter'.

We love helping our community and small businesses realise their dreams!

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Sara Stace has written the most beautiful book about 'Little People who have BIG Feelings'.

"Learning about children's feelings is so crucial to early childhood development. It helps build healthy relationships and have a good sense of personal well being.

​My Feelings Matter, a children's feelings book helps children and adults to recognise what a feeling might look or feel like, how we can understand the feeling better, how we can express that feeling in a healthy way and how to manage the behaviours that may come with that emotion.

​Children who can learn over time to understand their feelings during early childhood through tools like a children's book about feelings, may develop a positive sense of self, stay calmer during stressful times and be confident in themselves as they grow." Sara Stace

​Suitable for Children 2 years and over